What INFORFILM is and does

In today's world the economies, cultures and living standards of individual countries are becoming increasingly dependant upon each other. For that reason, good communication and understanding is vital - between governments, between businesses, between educational institutions, between professional and scientific assosciations, between arts and cultural organisations and above all... between people.

Because that communication has to cross language, cultural and political boundaries, audio visual programmes are one of the most effective media for that communication.


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The international distribution of those programmes is
what INFORFILM does

INFORFILM International is a network of specialised audio visual communications companies around the world. The purpose of the Association is to enable organisations and companies in one country to reach specialised target audiences in other countries, with their audio visual programmes.The audio visual programmes handled by INFORFILM are produced by its clients for a wide variety of purposes - public information, education, training, marketing & promotion and others.Those programmes cover an even wider range of subjects - environment, science, history, technology, health & safety, society, commerce & industry, politics and more.
INFORFILM clients include government departments and agencies, international organisations, scientific and cultural organisations, multi national and national companies, industry and trade asscociations, tourist boards, charities and many others.

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